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Information on Motorcycle Accidents and Ways To Prevent Crashes in San Diego

The climate in San Diego is perfect for motorcycle and moped riders. Those individuals and other people who share the road with tend to make motorcycles more dangerous than they need to be. Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car, how much more dangerous may be shocking though. Even though car drivers far outnumber motorcycle riders in California, there were 449 motorcycle accident fatalities in 2015.

Accident and death statistics are hard to track down for the county, but there were 1,285 injury accidents involving motorcycles in 2013. The numbers may change from year-to-year, but there is no doubt motorcycles can be more dangerous than cars in San Diego. As a rider, you need to know how both drivers and motorcycle riders contribute to the numbers.

Safer Riding

Many motorcycle riders contribute to their injury accidents by not wearing helmets or by drinking before hitting the road. As with car and light truck accidents, speeding is also a factor in many accidents.

Several rider behaviors contribute to making motorcycles more dangerous than cars:

  • Vehicles turning left contribute to 43% of accidents.
  • Lane splitting, riding between two rows of vehicles on the dividing line.
  • Drinking and speeding, especially when combined.
  • Impacts with stationary objects.
  • Road hazards like ice, road debris, and potholes.

Automobile and truck drivers can contribute to road safety by looking out for those behaviors because car-motorcycle crashes almost turn out worse for the rider than for the people in the car.

Motorcycles and the Law

Inattentive drivers, reckless riders, drunk drivers, and bad roads all contribute to the accident statistics. Nationwide, about 40% of riders killed in accidents were not wearing motorcycle helmets. While California law requires helmet use by rider and passenger, not everyone complies with the law.

Many rider and driver behaviors contribute to making the streets of San Diego less safe than they need to be. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in San Diego, as a motorcyclist or not, and think the accident was not your fault, contact us to discuss your case.